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Polaroid Mio


SOURCE:       International Museum of Instant Cameras
CONTACT:    Michael J Posner, Executive Curator
TELE:              561-753-3083

     The International Museum of Instant Cameras is seeking to acquire certain instant cameras for its permanent collection.  The Museum would prefer donations, but has allocated a limited amount of funds for these acquisitions.  The cameras seeking to be acquired are as follows:

          ●  Chrislin
          ●  Polaroid Model 185
          ●  Polaroid Model 190
          ●  Polapoid
          ●  Polaroid Model 690
          ●  Konica Instant Press
          ●  Fuji Fotorama MX900 Ace
          ●  Fuji Mini 20
The Museum is also interested in acquiring specialty branded models used as corporate or advertising promotions, such as the Kodak Coca Cola model.
     All donations will receive due recognition and appreciation.  For more information and tax deductability of any donations, please call or write to us at:

International Museum of Instant Cameras
Acquisition Dept. Stop 20
4420 Beacon Circle
Wellington, Florida 33407

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