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Progressive Libertarian Party

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Welcome to the first informational brochure for the new Progressive Libertarian Party (PRL).  Do you find that the Republicans and Democrats are too dogmatic?  Do you favor smaller government but with common sense to fix only those problems that government is best suited to fix?  Are you ready to try some radical approaches to solving problems?  Do you feel reactionary one day and radical the next?  If you do, the PRL may be the party for you.  Semi-founded in approximately 1808, the PLP has quietly done nothing since then until now.  Taken over in a recent bloodless coup, the PLP is ready to come out of the shadow and seek its rightful place among the other less fulfilling parties.


Please review our positions on the hot topics of the day.  If you agree with us, join us, if not, we have duly noted your name for our files.



Text Box: Radical solutions to reactionary problems.  The PRL is neither liberal or conservative, just solution oriented

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