Progressive Libertarian Party

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PRL Positions:

Government Service:  All 18 year olds will serve two years in either the US Military or US Peace Corp.  This will be an unpaid position (room and board).  In exchange, two years of college or tech school will be tuition free.


Gun Control:  The right to own any gun shall not be abridged, but guns will be treated like cars, owners will be licensed, guns registered and insured.




Text Box: Government is to large, with to much power and control.  We seek to reduce government and let adults control their own lives

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Death Penalty:  It is uncivilized, racist and actually more expensive than life in prison.  Instead of the death penalty, the guilty will receive appropriate punishment more severe than present conditions, appropriate to their crime.


Drugs, Gambling and Prostitution: Government cannot and should not legislate morality.  If you are 21 and are not hurting anyone else, then enjoy.  However, abusers will be severely dealt with and the activities will be taxed locally to cover the costs of each activity.


Taxes:  Federal taxes will be reduced to one flat tax and taxpayers will control, by their tax return, at least 25% of all spending.


Abortion:  Abortion is wrong, but telling a woman how to control her own body is worse.  Instead, reduce pregnancy, encourage adoption and temporarily sterilize all children under 18.  it is just wrong for children to have children.


Reduce Government:  All federal programs that are state issues (like education) will be cancelled and given back to the states, and all state programs that are local issues will be given back to local government.  All government businesses will be privatized, and all government programs not related to health, safety and protection will be de-funded.


Pay if you play:  We support adult responsibility.  If you have a child, you help financially, if you hurt someone, you step up and fix the problem.  Moral responsibility with teeth.


Education:  Money saved from cutting government will be used to improve education, lower class size and provide health care for all of our children.  This is our future and must be protected