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The Progressive Libertarian Party (PRL), after careful review of the 2006 County Voter Registration by party votes, is proud to announce that party registration now exceeds eighty-four voters with the greatest concentration of party members in the Hillsborough/Pinellas county area.

Chairman Michael Posner stated, Despite a complete lack of effort, people throughout the great state of Florida have managed to register as members of the Progressive Libertarian Party. We do not know how or why nor do we actually care. However, as a big tent party we say, what the hell. Finally, I note that we have more registered voters than the American Poor People Party, the British Reformed Sectarian Party, The Moderate Party, Prohibition Party and the Possibility Party. With any luck, well soon catch up to the ALP whoever they are.

Chairman Posner continued, We have no plans to do anything different in the future.

The PRL also advises that the party is planning a big upgrade to its website, including the use of color and possibly more words.

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